Moose Park

Hej all!

As you know from my last post, I visited Småland’s Kosta Factory. On the same day, I also went to a MOOSE FARM! No Swedish adventure is complete until you see a real live moose “up-and-personal”!!

The Moose (Elk) is called “Älg” in Swedish. It is one of Sweden’s national animals; it’s very popular as an icon for tourism. Whenever you go to a souvenir shop in Sweden, you will see something (be it a keychain, mug, magnet, t-shirt, etc.) that has Sweden’s national animal on it. Guaranteed! 🙂

Here is a picture I took which gives a little bit more information about moose:

Information about moose

Information about moose

In particular, I went to Grönåsens Älg Park. It’s not too far away from the Kosta Factory. It is 60 SEK (currently around $9.16 USD) per person. You get to walk around the vast park, walk into a err, “kind of sad and gruesome” (in my opinion) moose museum, and have the ability to enjoy your *fika. There is even a farm that is filled with pigs, goats, chickens, and even a scary turkey!

*Fika: in Sweden, a “coffee break” that you can take in the middle of the day with others. I will make a post about “fika” later on! 😀


Look out for this guy! He's vicious!!

Look out for this guy! He’s vicious!!

There is also a souvenir shop; you can buy a lot of things… even MOOSE SAUSAGE! If you are only used to eating chicken, beef, and pork like me, it may seem weird to eat moose. But it is definitely worth it to try once.

I saw about 8 moose while I was walking around the park. Be sure to respect the nature around you and don’t be screaming and shouting. Loud noises in particular will scare the moose away and your chances of seeing them will be greatly diminished. Towards the end of my walk, I was so close to a moose, I could even touch it! I didn’t though because I was too scared..

Here are some pics of the moose I saw:


“Why hello!”



It was nice to take a stroll around the moose park and see one of Sweden’s amazing animals. If you are from California like me, a moose isn’t the type of animal you see every day. Not even in a zoo! If you ever want to check out this moose park in particular, here is the link. Enjoy! 🙂

That’s all for now! See you again soon!!