Kosta Factory

Hi every one! 😀

I’m sorry that I have been MIA (Missing in Action) for the past month; being an exchange student has kept me VERY busy! I am now officially done with my academic semester at Linnaeus University (hooray!). Time to get ready for summer vacation!

During the month of May, I traveled to a really cool factory. There is one thing that Småland is known for world-wide:

Glass pieces (a.k.a. “The Kingdom of Crystal”)

 This area of Sweden has a ton of glass factories you can check out!

So yes, I visited a glass factory…. KOSTA!

Kosta Glass Factory

Kosta Glass Factory- working since 1742

Unfortunately, since we went to the Kosta factory during it’s “off season” (the less touristy time of the year), there weren’t any tours. But, we were able to watch workers make beautiful glass pieces.

Here are some photos of their creations:




My favorite glass pieces were “cosmetic” masterpieces!


Glass cosmetic set with “hot lips”, lipstick, and nail polishes.


The Kosta glass factory even has a couple of outlets (so you can buy glass pieces at decent prices), an art gallery, a shopping mall, and even a hotel! You can check out the details from this website:  http://www.kostaboda.com/about-kosta-boda/the-glassworks

If you are traveling from Linnaeus University or Växjö, it is about a 30-45 minute drive. Also, the Kosta factory is very close to a …. MOOSE FARM! 🙂

Stay tuned for my next post. We will be searching for Sweden’s national animal!