Let’s get stranded in another country!- my misadventures to Sweden- Part 2

Hello all! 😀

In my last post, I talked about the mishaps you may encounter while traveling by air, domestically or internationally, and what to do. Now I’m going to put you through a little scenario on what to do while you are stranded. Here we go! (:

So you’re at Heathrow Airport in the winter and just found out that your flight is CANCELLED! The only flight you can book will be leaving in 2 days. So now what?

cancelled flights

FIRST, make sure you have some way of communicating back home or to some person, company, etc. in the U.K. (or wherever you are). Do you have a way to communicate through wi-fi (example: Skype, Facebook, etc.)? If not, does your cell phone have an international plan so you can call any one anywhere? If not these two, then try to get yourself a SIM card for your cell phone. Trust me, it sucks not having a way to communicate to others!

SECOND, do you have the currency of the country you are stranded in? In this case, the UK uses British Pound Sterling. Yes, certain areas do accept the Euro but it is better to have more British Pound Sterling for times like going on the bus, etc. Make sure to have your credit card on you too. You never know when you will need to use it. (*Note: double or triple check that your credit card company knows that you will be using your card internationally)

currency trading

THIRD, is your PASSPORT still on you? If you lose it, it makes things much harder! If not, be sure to report it missing at the airport.

Alright, you have a way to communicate with others, the appropriate currency/ credit cards, and your passport. So where are you going to sleep for the night? I would suggest NOT sleeping at the airport.

If you know some one that lives nearby, try to call them up and ask if you can stay there until your flight time. If not, try to find a hotel, hostel, etc. to sleep in. You can try to book your hotel online, by phone, or ask the customer service at the air port to book you a room. (*Note: If you have a travel agent like I did, try to get them to book you a room. They might have a better chance finding something good). I suggest you lodge some where that is not far away from the airport… more time to sleep, less time to travel back to the airport. 😀

Next, you need to find a way to get to where ever you will be staying- transportation. If it’s at a friend’s house, hopefully they can pick you up. In London, you can use The Tube (one of the more cheap ways to travel around London), a taxi, or a hotel shuttle if provided. At Heathrow Airport, there are areas where you can get more one-on-one info on these modes of transportation. If you are going to sleep in any one of these hotels in London, you can use the Heathrow Hoppa Hotel Transportation.


Great, you finally reached the place where you will stay for the night! But your stomach may be grumbling right now. If possible, try to purchase some food at the airport before you leave. The place you may be staying at may not have any eateries nearby or all of the places are closed. Remember, food (preferably healthy) and water are key to keeping yourself from feeling faint or getting sick. You will be stressed out and starving yourself will do you no good.

Although this is food from Sweden, food anywhere is key to "roughing" it while stranded. Carbs are preferable for energy.

Although this is food from Sweden, food anywhere is key to “roughing” it while stranded. Carbs are preferable for energy.

Finally, get yourself some SLEEP! SLEEP MAN, SLEEP! Sleep is another key factor (perhaps more important than food and water.. although food and water should not be ignored) that will keep you healthy, refreshed, and keep you from not missing your next flight!

garfield_sleep and eat

So now you are at the airport ready for your new flight. Hopefully all will go well this time and you will reach your final destination!


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